MigSolv slams ‘inexcusable overcharging’ by data centre operators


The company has pledged to ensure its data centre (colocation) services are permanently priced at market beating rates. And, as a limited offer as the company has entered its 15th year, it is offering colocation at an ultra low monthly price of £300 per cabinet, with power below £100 per kilowatt. This offer, based on a 12 month contract, includes free ‘smart hands’ support, no setup fees and metered charges only for power actually used.

Alex Rabbetts (pictured), CEO of MigSolv, said, ‘We keep hearing companies complain of inexcusable overcharging in the data centre market. They feel so many operators’ services are overpriced to begin with – even before they’re hit with a raft of hidden charges for items like monitoring, reporting and even support.

‘Many organisations are getting an extremely poor deal and it simply shouldn’t be that way! An efficient, customer focused data centre operator should be able to provide high quality services at far lower rates and still make a decent profit.

‘To prove the point, we’re promising to offer great value rates always – and dropping our current monthly rack prices as low as £300. Not only is this less than half what most operators charge, we’ll provide free remote support and low cost power as well.

‘To be clear, this is no cut-down package: we’re talking about high quality data centre services in one of the world’s most secure, resilient, risk free facilities – backed by exceptional, personalised customer care. This is the kind of shake-up the industry needs if it’s going to start delivering customers far better value and improve its reputation.’

In January, MigSolv launched a range of flexible, secure Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud business services. The company also provides consultancy advice to help organisations run the most effective data centre operations.

In addition to the market-beating price offer, MigSolv has marked entering its fifteenth year by launching a bold new visual identity and website (www.migsolv.com).

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