Minkels launches safety enhancing LED tubes for aisle containment


The high luminosity feature of Minkels LED Tubes allows for greatly improved visibility thus safety inside data centres.
Minkels LED Tubes are available in two variants. In the first situation the LED tubes are on 24/7. In the second situation, the LED tubes are activated by means of a PIR sensor that detects movement. The LED tubes then go off automatically as soon as someone leaves the corridor, which responds to energy efficiency and sustainability requirements in data centre environments.

The Minkels LED tubes are designed for two types of aisle containment solutions, including Minkels Next Generation Corridors and Minkels Free Standing Corridors. Its flexible features make Minkels LED tubes a good fit for a wide variety of corridor layouts.

Minkels LED tubes will be available immediately through Minkels’ distribution channel, including its network of partners.

For further information visit: www.minkels.com

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