Multigrid Builds A 5MW Data Centre In Kista Science City


Multigrid Data Centres has completed the design and preparations for a highly efficient and sustainable 5 MW data centre in Kista Science City in Stockholm, Sweden. The data centre will be the first multi-tenant data centre with renewable energy and heat recovery in a major European capital to reach a net energy cost of three Eurocent per kWh of IT-load.

Multigrid has entered agreements with the City of Stockholm regarding land, the distribution network operator Ellevio regarding high voltage power distribution and the district energy company Fortum Värme regarding heat recovery. Multigrid’s project will be the first greenfield data centre to be built in Stockholm Data Parks – Kista, which is a joint offer by the City of Stockholm, Fortum Värme, Ellevio and Stokab.

“Kista offers very attractive conditions for large scale data centres,” says Mattias Ganslandt, CEO of Multigrid.

“Kista is Northern Europe’s largest cluster of IT companies. The combination with attractive energy prices for large scale data centres is quite unique.”

Multigrid has developed a technology that is optimised to be cost effective and environmentally sustainable. An adaptation of distributed redundant infrastructure to the local conditions in Stockholm gives the data centre an attractive combination of capital expenditure and operational performance.

“With digitalisation and the expanding use of information and communications technology, the demand for cost efficient and sustainable data centres is growing,” says Mattias Ganslandt. “We expect Multigrid’s new data centre in Kista to be at least 50% more efficient than traditional facilities.”

The abundant supply of renewable electricity is a critical factor that will make computing in Stockholm internationally competitive. With the heat recovery included, the net cost of energy used in the data room drops to three Eurocent per kWh.

“We meet a lot of interest in Multigrid’s forthcoming Stockholm data centres, both in the United States and in Europe,” adds Mattias. “Cost efficiency, renewable energy and recycled heat is an attractive combination.”

Multigrid expects that the heat recovery from servers in the new data centre to the district heating network within a few years will reach 30 million kWh per year. Fully utilised, heat from the data centre can heat up to 10,000 apartments connected to the district energy network.

“We have designed the data centre to meet the growing demand for security and reliability,” says Mattias. “With modern and urban architecture, the building is also designed to follow Stockholm’s intention for a sustainable and attractive city.”

Multigrids data centre in Kista is scheduled to open on January 1, 2019.