Nearly half of companies adopting containers see in-production monitoring as key to success

The report identifies key issues facing organisations using containers, including in-production application performance monitoring to achieve even more successful container deployments.

The report, conducted by O’Reilly Media in collaboration with Ruxit, provides insights into adoption, use, and challenges of container technologies like Docker. Survey participants represent 138 companies across a wide range of industries, including software, consulting, publishing and media, education, cloud services, hardware, retail, government and others.

Since Docker launched in 2013, more than 800 million containers have been pulled from the public Docker Hub and this technology continues to capture the attention of developers and operators alike. While container use is skyrocketing there are barriers to success that need to be addressed.

Findings of the survey include:
·         More than 93 per cent of respondents are already using or plan to use containers for development, testing, or production.
·         The vast majority (78 per cent) are opting for Docker.
·         Fast and easy deployment is the most important reason for using Docker (85 per cent).
·         Within the next 6-12 months, over half (53 per cent) of all respondents plan to adopt containers in production.
·         Nearly half (46 per cent) see performance monitoring as a key challenge in the production environment.
·         Reliable and production ready solutions are required for orchestration (56 per cent), performance monitoring (46 per cent) and automation (40 per cent) because containerised environments are extraordinarily dynamic, making them uniquely challenging to monitor and manage in terms of performance.

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