New research shows European businesses fearful of sinking under growing weight of IT expectations

Over 600 IT and business professionals were interviewed by Freeform Dynamics as part of the study, which examined the impact of evolving business practices on existing IT infrastructure in mid-sized businesses in the UK, France and Germany. The results identified a number of emerging business trends responsible for placing increasing strain on existing IT. Significantly, it also found confidence gaps amongst those tasked with adapting existing IT infrastructure to meet the new demands being placed on it.

As businesses evolve, network demands are increasing rapidly

Those questioned highlighted a range of evolving business practices currently impacting the performance of their business networks, along with others anticipated to make a significant impact in the future. Of those cited, the three deemed to be having the biggest current impact were:

1.    Growing use of cloud services for business critical functions such as email and CRM (69 per cent)
2.    Increase in remote and mobile access to business networks (62 per cent)
3.    General increase in volume and diversity of network traffic (58 per cent)

These findings illustrate the growing trend towards agile, data driven businesses and the challenges it brings to infrastructure not originally designed for this agility. However, the three areas most anticipated to cause problems in the future include:

1.    New/changing compliance regulations (34 per cent)
2.    Use of cloud based infrastructure (34 per cent)
3.    M2M connectivity and the Internet of Things (32 per cent)

These findings indicate that as business usage patterns continue to evolve, the cloud will become even more critical at an infrastructure level. Furthermore, new requirements such as M2M will put even greater demands on the network as usage increases, creating compliance related challenges.

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