New Tivoli Storage Manager concept launches in the UK

The solution, developed together with General Storage, makes storage pool handling for TSM significantly easier, reduces operational costs, and broadens the usability spectrum. Meridian IT UK – another Meridian Group company – is now introducing this revolutionary solution to the market in the UK.
dsmISI and Isilon OneFS enables companies who have deployed TSM to back up all their primary data permanently online and to significantly accelerate data restore.

The solution eliminates the complexities associated with managing large amounts of data on disk and has proven itself in demanding environments. Large corporations in Germany which have added dsmISI and EMC Isilon to their TSM infrastructure have drastically reduced overall costs (opex/capex).

‘The solution combining dsmISI with EMC Isilon as a storage pool eradicates TSMs’ Achilles heel, which is the lack of restore performance,’ said Stephen Young, managing director of Meridian IT UK. ‘More importantly, TSM as a service enables customers to maintain guaranteed service level agreements.’

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