New white paper from Schneider Electric describes cyber security issues affecting data centre remote monitoring


Digital remote monitoring services deliver real time monitoring and data analytics support via the cloud to data centre operators. The obvious benefits of maximum uptime with minimal overhead and improved efficiency are nevertheless offset by the threat of such systems being used as an avenue for a cyber attack. With proper precautions taken at both the design and operations stages, these threats can be minimised.

Online monitoring platforms offer reduced downtime, deeper insight into the workings of the infrastructure being monitored and faster mean time to recovery (MTTR) with lower overheads and improved efficiency for power and cooling systems. However, as with any systems dependent on communications over a public network they are susceptible to attack from cyber criminals, a growing problem that will cost global industry an expected $2 trillion to withstand by 2019.

Choosing defensive systems and implementing work procedures for optimal security is a mission critical discipline, the white paper provides a basic overview of a Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) process, describing how a product should be designed and developed with security in mind at every stage.

The white paper is authored by Patrick Donovan (pictured), a senior research analyst for the Data Center Science Center at Schneider Electric, and Torben Karup Nielsen, a program manager at Schneider Electric.

The white paper can be downloaded at:

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