Nexenta and HGST increase performance and reliability for global social media analytics company

Established in 2010, Tracx provides an end-to-end solution that enables customers to manage their entire social media presence intelligently. Tracx’s next generation social media management solutions (SMMS) are quickly gaining momentum with operations in the US, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Israel.

Like many organisations where data is essential to operations, Tracx needed an extremely high performance storage solution that delivers 100 per cent reliability for the mission critical database that runs the real time analytical section of its social media platform.

Erez Zarum, dev ops team leader at Tracx, said, ‘We originally implemented Nexenta with another line of SSDs but experienced some performance issues that we knew could cause greater issues down the road as we continued to grow. We took Nexenta’s advice and replaced the incumbent SSDs with drives from HGST and have been amazed with the difference in performance and reliability.’

Since implementing the all-flash solution, Tracx has reported improvements in performance, capacity utilisation and reliability, with no failures to date. IT admins at Tracx can now easily manage the highly available (HA) storage environment and the high level of IOPS created without suffering performance degradation.

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