Ninety-four per cent of British IT workers ‘distressed’ by data delays

The global ‘Mind the Gap’ report, which Nimble Storage produced in collaboration with Oxford Economics, found that delays in propagating and refreshing application data – the app data gap – can cause significant strains on businesses in terms of a loss of worker time.

The report surveyed nearly 3,000 IT professionals and business application users based in the US, Germany, UK, Australia, Singapore and Southeast Asia.
The data revealed that 94 per cent of British IT staff experience delays when accessing and inputting information while using business software applications at work. Whilst 42 per cent estimate they are wasting between 10-30 minutes a day on application response delays.

Paul Scarrott, director, Nimble Storage commented, ‘Data delays are a blight on British businesses, with productivity losses impacting workers and preventing them performing to the best of their ability. It’s time for IT decision makers to tackle the performance bottleneck between the data and the application, which we call the “app-data gap” through predictive analytics.’

The report also revealed that data delays impact productivity with 61 per cent of those surveyed saying they believe the speed of the applications they use significantly affects their ability to perform best at work.

In addition 25 per cent said they have an application at work that they find too slow to use and 33 per cent even said they avoid specific software apps at work as they run too slowly. Significantly, 48 per cent of Brits surveyed think back end IT systems impact their overall productivity.

Scarrott concluded, ‘It is imperative that IT teams across the country take tangible steps to prevent application downtime. This will help employees to remain as productive as possible and ensure that British businesses retain a competitive edge.’

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