OCZ introduces high performance NVMe compliant Z-Drive 6000 PCIe SSD Series


The NVMe compliant Z-Drive 6000 Series is available in multiple configurations supporting a variety of form factors, capacity points, and endurance ratings. 

The NVMe specification extends traditional PCIe flash storage to new levels and was architected from the ground up to enable specific benefits of non-volatile, memory based solid state storage. It features a streamlined memory interface, command set and queue design that delivers faster access to critical data and highly resilient storage capabilities. This enables both system builders and storage vendors alike to develop different parts of a storage ecosystem to a standard specification with broad interoperability support between storage devices, host platforms and software.

NVMe is expected to open new opportunities for faster, better and stronger flash based storage applications while significantly improving PCIe SSD deployments over the next five years.

The Z-Drive 6000 SSD portfolio is well suited for compute intensive, analytical, online transactional and cloud based enterprise applications that require high performance and low latency I/O responses, and has the capabilities that drive massive parallelism and high scalability to meet current and future storage requirements.  leveraged by customers. 

For further information visit: www.ocz.com

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