Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Keep On Reading If Storage Is For You!


It’s Valentine’s Day and we at DCN are always happy to spread messages of love. Here, we have gathered the thoughts of some our favourite industry experts on what puts the ‘spark’ back in their day.

Chuck Dubuque, vice president of product marketing, Tintri: “Imagine never having to do the dishes, the food shop or sit down and sift through bills ever again. Taking these types of mundane tasks out of a relationship can invigorate and free up more time for you to spend with that special somebody. In the world of the storage admin, some mundane tasks have become a regular necessity. But the arrival of chat ops and cloud automation will allow them to complete a range of tasks such as provisioning of VMs, organising snapshots and arranging QoS with much less direct intervention. As a result, the focus can be on broader strategic priorities – allowing for that free time you’ve been dreaming of; maybe get the bot to arrange the chocolates!”

Chris Plant, VP EMEA, Atlantis Computing: “For many VDI users, love is perhaps the last emotion they feel when using the technology. Frustrating, slow performance and poor user experience have frequently undermined the relationship between service and user. Agility, simplicity and low cost is what’s important to optimise the entire experience – all this can be achieved with modern Virtual Workspace. Delivering the simplest deployment and management whilst offering greater agility to run on any hardware can radically improve the users overall experience. Don’t fear VDI anymore, it’s time to fall in love with it!”

Gary Quinn, CEO, FalconStor: “Valentine’s Day can be expensive. Flowers, chocolates, gifts and cards all rise in price because, unless you want to end up on the wrong side of your other half, you have to buy them! There’s no wonder retailers are rubbing their hands with delight with the thought of additional revenue. The same can be said about hardware and cloud vendors. Both have organisations right where they want them – locked-in. The amount of data being generated is exploding and the demand for storage is growing. The result of being locked-in to one specific hardware or cloud vendor is organisations are paying a high price for the additional storage required. That is unless they have a software solution that sits above any hardware and works in the cloud. This allows for the management and migration of data with any hardware, cloud or hybrid vendor. So it’s time to cut ties with your expensive hardware or cloud provider and fall in love with something that’s truly great this Valentine’s Day – software!”

rose-812765_1920Hubert Da Costa, VP EMEA, Cradlepoint: “An IT manager’s relationship with their wired network connection can be a volatile one. As much as we like to wish it is all a bed of roses, cries of ‘you’ve let me down’, ‘you just left me hanging’ or ‘how can I trust you now’ can often be heard ringing in the corridors of the IT department. That’s where a cheeky dose of duplicity on Valentine’s Day can come in handy. When a business critical application relies on a connection to the Internet, IT teams need to be prepared to cope with the fallout from a wired network connection tiff. IT teams should be asking themselves how they can protect their business from loss and disruption when the inevitable happens. It’s worth having a flirty little LTE failover waiting in the wings!”

Jon Toor, CMO, Cloudian: “Businesses have a love/hate relationship with data. They love the power of information, but hate the cost of storing it. Object storage is one path to marital bliss. As the industry’s simplest, most scalable storage, businesses are finding that object storage helps keep peace in the family. Don’t break up with the data you love. Just find more manageable ways to keep it.”

cloud-600224_1920Jennifer Gill, director of product marketing, Zerto: “Delta, United Airlines, GitLab – what do all these companies have in common? IT teams that are not feeling the love from their disaster recovery plan. Downtime, headlines and management headaches are the result of failed, or a complete lack of, disaster recovery plans in these cases and definitely wouldn’t elicit any warm feelings around this time of year. But what if you could reignite that spark between you and your disaster recovery plan this Valentine’s Day? Automation would free up lots of time for you to pursue other passions, a quick test cycle would relieve you from spending your weekends alone in the office, and constant replication would give you peace of mind. All of this can be possible with the right disaster recovery software and plan.”

Johan Pellicaan, MD EMEA, Scale Computing: ”Valentine’s Day reminds us of the need to find the perfect partner, the whole package – why settle for less? And there are parallels in the work environment for tech professionals who look for products with a range of qualities, not just one. IT professionals are always looking for the perfect solution by combining data protection, disaster recovery, cloud, compute, storage and virtualisation. How do you pick what is right for you? Well, there is the perfect package out there. Hyperconvergence is a great example of how a blend of attributes is stronger, more powerful and more fitting to the needs of a demanding world.”