OSIsoft: The best kept secret for the industrial IoT?


According to OSIsoft it is the best kept secret for the Industrial Internet of Things. OSIsoft essentially make a data fabric that captures machine data and then organises it so organisations can save energy, predict maintenance problems or solve other issues. Data can be synthesised across the entire network and is used by the likes of eBay within its data centres.

Most recently, it has announced OSIsoft Cloud Services, a new portfolio of services for securely storing, sharing and analysing data with PI System technology in the cloud.

OSIsoft Cloud Services will allow existing PI System customers to more readily connect distributed facilities and assets to their existing PI System infrastructure or spin up new uses and applications for the PI System, such as predictive maintenance or leveraging PI System data for regulatory compliance. New customers, meanwhile, will be able to experiment with collecting, storing and analysing data with the PI System.

The services will also serve as a foundation for integrated industrial digital communities where companies and people share data in real-time with supply chain partners, downstream customers, and service providers. OSIsoft will offer OSIsoft Cloud Services as a managed service on a subscription basis that will expand over time. Additionally, partners will offer services and applications for OSIsoft Cloud Services on the OSIsoft Marketplace.

“Our customers are integrating cloud technologies, but they need to do so in a safe, secure manner. Reliability, security and data integrity are paramount,” says Martin Otterson, executive vice president of Customer Success at OSIsoft.

“These new services are part of our strategy is to give our customers the ability to take advantage of the PI System anywhere – at the edge, across their enterprise, and in the cloud—so they  can accelerate their digital transformation.”

OSIsoft is leveraging the services as part of the Red Carpet Incubation Programme launched earlier this year by OSIsoft and Microsoft to accelerate advanced analytics initiatives that hinge on industrial operations data and analytics found in PI Systems as well as deep analytics capabilities delivered with Microsoft Azure.

The programme helps companies develop processes for preparing and transmitting PI System data so that it can be analysed on Microsoft’s cloud platforms. RCIP participants include Barrick Gold, Toyota Motor Europe, Henkel and MPWiK.

The company will also collaborate with ARM on ways to share data between a customer’s PI System (either on premise or cloud-based) and the ARM Mbed Cloud for connecting, managing and updating ARM-based devices. By linking the PI System and Mbed Cloud, customers can get a more comprehensive view of the activities across all of their devices in their enterprise.

“We’re very excited to be working with OSIsoft. The company has been a leader in helping industrial companies derive insights from machine data for decades,” says Chris Porthouse, vice president and general manager, Device Group, IoT Services, ARM. “This transformation won’t occur unless these customers can trust the technology. Together we can help companies adapt to the Industrial Internet of Things in a secure manner that works for them.”