Payment solution provider CCV untangles it data spaghetti and collates multiple silos of data into one Exasol database

The problem facing CCV was one common to many businesses: It found itself with multiple silos of data across different databases and technologies. CCV was overwhelmed with both the size and complexity of its payments data and this was inhibiting the agile development that was an important part of its business. It needed to upscale, yet found it that it would not be financially viable to do so with all the extra licenses and capacity that would be required.

So the payments specialist decided to use Exasol to consolidate all of its data into one database, and by doing so, it would be able to process all of its inbound data from payment terminals in real time. Exasol was able to provide CCV with a flexible solution meaning that, as the data sets continue to grow, the company will be able to scale its database accordingly to enable it continue to run incredibly quick analytical queries.

Cees van Leuveren, business intelligence specialist at CCV commented, referring to the complex logical data model that it uses, ‘Exasol is fantastic for this. Other proprietary databases would have a lot more difficulty.’ CCV also uses Exasol’s user defined functions to run ‘R’ natively in the database.

‘For us at CCV, agile development is essential, so having a database that supports that is incredibly important. It’s refreshing to work with Exasol, it’s an analytic database that we can rely on wholeheartedly – it just works!’ concluded van Leuveren.

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