3W Infra Launches Financing Program For Dedicated Servers And Network Infrastructure


3W Infra has announced the launch of its 3W Infra Financing Program – a ‘lease-to-own’ program aimed at somewhat larger hosting infrastructures, for companies intending to pursue increased margins and cost control.

3W Infra’s new Financing Program provides IaaS hosting customers the opportunity to obtain end-of-lease ownership of its dedicated servers and network equipment while paying fixed monthly instalments during life of lease.

Through the 3W Infra Financing Program, users are enabled to easily acquire new pieces of equipment and keep their investment costs in line with company revenues. The equipment acquired may include rack servers, blade enclosures, storage nodes, firewalls, load balancers, switches, optical fibres, cabling infrastructure and more. The Financing Program is meant for enterprises, cloud services providers (CSPs), systems integrators (SIs), managed services providers (MSPs) and other companies requiring somewhat larger IaaS hosting infrastructures.


The 3W Infra Financing Program features flexible instalment schemes with instalment plans ranging from 12-month to 36-month periods. Users are eligible to apply for the 3W Infra Financing Program when they have located their IaaS hosting infrastructure within 3W Infra’s premises already or when they are planning to do so. 3W Infra Financing Program participants are able to select whichever hardware brand or appliances they prefer when financing their equipment.

“Our new Financing Program with lease-to-own offering provides CXOs and financial managers the opportunity to shift their IT investments from CAPEX to operating expense funding for their dedicated servers and network gear,” says Roy Premchand, managing director of 3W Infra. “Freeing up capital may give these companies the advantage to acquire up to date IaaS hosting technology while able to focus on their core missions and revenue generators. It also enables them to de-risk their IT investments when confronted with potentially high upfront hardware costs.”

The lease-to-own financing program builds on 3W Infra’s options for ‘Operational Lease’ (dedicated servers or network services with monthly charges, where 3W Infra retains ownership of the hardware), and ‘Purchase’ where 3W Infra operates as a reseller of server and network equipment. The latter provides customers the opportunity to obtain full ownership of the hardware from day one.