Save Time With Durable Cable And Component Identification


Durably identified cables are a blessing when the pressure mounts during critical power, machine or system downtime. Brady has captured 10 time winners and wasters in cable and component identification, which is available as a free download.

Cable and component identification labels usually aren’t a prime concern, nor should they be. But have you ever lost time figuring out where which wire goes?

Ask yourself how much time or money you lose while trying to trace an unidentified cable, wire or component. Ask yourself how fast pressure builds when machinery, production lines, servers and services are impacted.

Cable and component identification labels are great tools to keep power, network, voice/data cables and components organised and running effectively. They enable you to quickly recognise which cable needs checking during troubleshooting.

When used correctly, professional cable and component identification can help save a lot of time. Avoid 10 time wasters and improve your cable and component identification.

Check out Brady’s 10 Time Winners in cable identification.

Fast on site label printers

Brady offers fast label printers that need only a few seconds to print the identification label required. Built to resist dust, moisture and the occasional bump, these reliable printers help to quickly identify any cable or component with durable identification labels, available in a wide range of label types, sizes and colours.

A wide range of labels

The right tools always get the job done faster and with greater results. That is why every Brady printer has a wide variety of labels that handle every situation. Brady labels are offered in the right sizes and materials for your environment and are available in easy to insert printer consumables.

Extreme durability

Cable and component labels should stick, stay attached and remain legible. Few things seem more agonising than watching the last label fall to the floor when opening an electrical cabinet during a business emergency. Brady invests heavily to continuously develop labels, inks and adhesives that really stick and remain legible, even in demanding environments.

Click here to download 10 Time Winners