Eaton Connected’s Integrated Back-Up and Power Distribution Solution 

Eaton’s new Connected Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power distribution solution is the ideal answer for data centres, hospitals, airports and mission-critical applications that require UPS back-up to guarantee reliable and continuous electrical power.

Traditionally, configuring a power distribution system has meant sourcing, installing and connecting the UPS and switchgear products, and allocating resources and money to solving any weaknesses or interoperability problems that may arise. Eaton Connected eradicates these issues by providing a pre-designed, pre-connected combined solution that unites two proven products, each designed and manufactured by Eaton.

Eaton Connected users can choose either the Power Xpert 9395P or the Eaton 93PM UPS, available for direct pre-connection to Power Xpert CX switchgear; offering power ratings from 30-900 kVA with static switch sections up to 1200 kVA to manage challenging short-circuit currents.

The UPS double conversion mode’s efficiency can be optimised with VMMS (Variable Module Management System), while a maximum energy efficiency of over 99 per cent is available in ESS (Energy Saver System) mode.

To ensure safety at all times, breakers are automatically tripped during a removal, while lock-out options are also available.



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