Say goodbye to the high pitched hum with Penn Elcom’s new ultra-quiet fan trays


This month, Penn Elcom has launched a new range of ultra-quiet fan trays, which are designed for use in its R4000/5000 range of rack enclosures. These revolutionary fans run quickly and efficiently; but at an almost inaudible noise level. The high-pitched hum that used to be part and parcel of high performance server cooling fans is no more.


These Swiss designed fans use a Japanese dual ball bearing bush and fluid; giving continuous operation without compromise. Dust and high temperatures have less effect than standard bearings, making it the perfect choice for reliability. According to Penn Elcom, this range’s life span is up to five times longer than other comparative models.

The fans fit into the top of the rack, and operate by pulling out the hot air that has risen to the top of enclosure, drawing up cool air from the bottom inlets. This ensures thermal regulation within your rack. Also available are carbon filters for your fans, to prevent any dust from entering your rack.


  • Low Noise 5dBA (0.3 Sone)
  • High static pressure
  • Bladed 120mm fans
  • DC in/out sockets (x 2)
  • Temperature sensor socket
  • On/off with a coloured indicator rocker switch
  • Worldwide universal PSU supplied (x 2 for R4000-FT6)
  • Fluid Bearings = 2 year limited warranty
  • 2mm steel construction
  • Black powder coated










19-inch innovation: How the company has grown

Penn Elcom began producing 19-inch racks and 19-inch racking accessories when they expanded to Hastings in 2003, which soon became their 19-inch racking hub. There they had the facilities, resources and staff to design, prototype, manufacture and oversee the delivery of all their 19-inch products.

In 2011, Penn expanded its 19-inch operation by acquiring Bristol based company Rackz. By joining the Penn Elcom Group, Rackz brought with them a wealth of experience in the field of 19-inch rack mounting design, construction and installation.

With the expertise of long term Rackz employees, Penn’s range of racking products was expanded. Rackz and Penn Elcom had previously worked together on selected projects, during which time they enjoyed a great synergy and exchange of ideas. This has continued after the acquisition, and to this day both sites, Hastings and Bristol, continue to work together on a host of new Penn Elcom racking-based projects.

Penn Elcom’s many years of experience in designing product solutions for this specialist industry mean it has a dedicated staff with an unrivalled knowledge base. Its extensive standard range of 19 racking includes: Stand-alone racks, wall mount racks, open tower racks, slide and rotate racks, shock mount systems, rack cooling systems, cable management products, rack lights and numerous rack accessories.

Click here to view Penn Elcom’s range of 19-inch racking.