The latest innovation in server enclosures from Penn Elcom


Manufacturer Penn Elcom began producing 19 inch racks and 19 inch racking accessories when it expanded to Hastings, East Sussex, in 2003, which soon became the company’s 19 inch racking hub. There, it had the facilities, resources and staff to design, prototype, manufacture and oversee the delivery of all its 19 inch products.

Penn Elcom’s many years of experience in designing product solutions for this specialist industry mean it has a dedicated staff with an unrivalled knowledge base. The extensive standard range of 19 racking includes: stand-alone racks, wall mount racks, open tower racks, slide & rotate racks, shock mount systems, rack cooling systems, cable management products, rack lights and numerous rack accessories.

However, Penn Elcom’s newest 19 inch range, the R4000’s, bring in a new generation of server enclosures. With a multitude of new and innovative features, the R4000’s aren’t just efficient data centre enclosure solutions, they’re excellent ones.

The enclosures are bayable, and can be built as open, sides only or closed, for whatever number of data server enclosures you require. They can be assembled in a variety of different ways to meet your needs. The doors can be installed to open on either the right or left side. The side panels are also removable, and can be equipped with side door locks if required. There are multiple mounting options for castors and feet, and the server enclosure front door is available in glass (made from smoked shatterproof polycarbonate), plain steel or vented steel.

The top and bottom of the enclosure is customisable, with different panel types and accessories available. One of the company’s newest innovations for our server enclosures is the ultra-quiet rack fan tray, the R4000-FT, which is specifically designed for Penn Elcom enclosures.

These fans ensure the thermal regulation of your rack’s contents, by drawing the hot air out of the top of the rack, and drawing cool air up from the bottom inlets. The fans operate at 0.3 sone, a near silent noise level.

The enclosure also includes various inbuilt features to make assembly and operation quick and easy.These include integral vertical cable management bars and horizontal cable trays for simple cable management, and adjustable threaded rails that come in both M6 screw and 1032 screw versions. The enclosure also comes with earth points.

The server encloses are sleek and minimalistic, with flushed features. All assembly screws are hidden, and the handle is subtle. The door is secured by magnetic indents, and can be locked using the door lock. The edges are rolled for a stylish look, and the enclosure is powder coated to give a luxurious finish. The server enclosures are available in 22U, 32U, 37U, 42U and 47U.

The R4000 server enclosures are also available in custom sizes and colours. If you would like to enquire about bespoke services, or anything else regarding the range, please contact  Penn Elcom directly using the details below.

Phone: +44 (0) 1424 429 641