What’s new from Penn Elcom?

Penn Elcom

Penn Elcom specialises in the creation of high quality 19 inch racking solutions; designing, prototyping, manufacturing and overseeing the delivery of all its 19 inch products, which range from 1U to 47U (standard stand-alone racks).

The company has over 40 years’ experience in designing product solutions for this specialist industry, and have a dedicated staff with an unrivalled knowledge base. Its state of the art facility in Hastings, East Sussex, is Penn Elcom’s 19 inch racking hub. A lot of time and money is invested into research and development so that new and innovative ideas can continually be prototyped.

Penn Elcom’s extensive standard range includes: Stand-alone racks, wall mount racks, open tower racks, slide and rotate racks, shock mount systems, rack cooling systems, cable management products, rack lights and numerous rack accessories.



Exhibiting at ISE!

Penn England and Penn Germany are teaming up to exhibit at ISE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A new wall mount product, new server racks, and all the accessories you’ll ever need for any installation will be exhibited. Find Penn Elcom in hall 5-U93, on stand 5-R125 where knowledgeable staff will be on hand to talk to you about all things racking!


Server enclosures

The R4000 range is Penn Elcom’s newest innovation; a high quality server enclosure range, designed and manufactured in the UK. These server enclosures sport features including: Tapped rack rails, increased on board cable management systems, and a wider range of sizes. The company has also created additional thermal management products, such as fan trays, to ensure the thermal regulation within the enclosure.

All these additional features are designed to make the racks even more efficient and reliable server enclosures for the computing industry. As well as these functional features, server enclosures are sleek, with rolled edges and minimalistic features. The steel is powder coated to either black or white (though custom colours are available upon request) giving the enclosure a smooth finish.


Rack Customisation

Penn Elcom offers value added services to any of its racks. This includes branded rack panels that can be either screen printed or laser etched with a chosen combination of logos, text, and contact information. For designs that don’t require colour, it is possible to laser etch either black or silver brushed aluminium panels. If a multi coloured finish is required, then your desired design can be screen printed onto the panel.


Custom manufacturing

Due to large facilities and skilled designers, Penn Elcom is also able to create bespoke solutions for your installations, each designed and crafted to the highest standard.

Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Laser cutting (Laser cuts metal for custom sizes)
  • CNC punching (Punches metal sheet with any shape or form needed)
  • Die casting (Casting of any shape)
  • Press brakes (Bends metal for custom sizes)
  • Powder coating (Enabling us to make racks almost any colour)
  • Screen printing (Allowing multi-coloured designs to be printed on your rack)
  • Laser etching (Allowing custom designs to be etched onto your rack)


New equipment and technology

In 2017, Penn Elcom invested in a Salvagnini P4 automatic break press for its Hastings facility; one of the most expensive pieces of equipment ever purchased at Penn Elcom. The Salvagnini P4 folds blank steel and aluminium profiles, and automatically loads, forms, and unloads each product as efficiently as possible. The Salvagnini P4 benefits the company due to its consistency and operational speed. The machine produces every product identically, keeping high quality consistent across the product range. The machine can be run 24 hours a day at full capacity with the minimal supervision of one operator. The P4 is also completely contained, surrounded by a laser trip system that ensures no human contact can be made, therefore almost eliminating the risk of injury.

However, not only the Hastings facility has benefitted from a prosperous year for Penn Elcom. Globally, the company has invested over £2.2 million in 2017 in more efficient machinery and pioneering technology to keep us at the forefront of the metal fabrication industry.



Online resources

Penn Elcom has created an online resource on its website, www.pennelcomonline.com, which includes assembly guides, a 19 inch product catalogue, additional information about rack customisation/custom manufacturing, and a handy rack unit calculator!