Datacentreplus completes power upgrade in response to data centre demand

Datacentreplus has successfully completed a power upgrade for its Manchester-based data centre to cope with increased demand and anticipated future growth.

Extensive upgrades are set to future-proof the data centre.
Extensive upgrades are set to future-proof the data centre.

The investment is not only a response to accommodate current loads, but a move to future-proof the data centre as it rapidly expands; accommodating the uptake in data centre services such as colocation, cloud and dedicated servers.

A highly complex process, upgrading the power capacity of the data centre took just over a year, including major ground works to lay new power cables. However, the challenge was eased by the unique location of the data centre, which made it possible to achieve such an upgrade in the allotted time.

The extensive upgrades involved tripling the current total power capacity and the installation of higher capacity Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) to provide the data centre with increased resiliency.

The power upgrade is only one element of a larger plan that sees it gearing up to become a prime player in the data centre industry in the North West of England. The company is currently evaluating locations for a 2nd site.

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