Dell EMC And Intel Transform Cambridge University Research

Dell EMC and the University of Cambridge (UoC) have announced a new multi-million pound Bio-Medical Cloud service. The capabilities offered by the platform will accelerate research and computational medicine, allowing data analytical methods developed in the university setting to be used to improve patient outcomes in the clinic.

While the need for traditional HPC use cases still exists within medical research, a new researcher demographic of non-computational experts has emerged. To meet the need of this demographic, UoC needed a platform which would enable non-IT specialised medical researchers to benefit from HPC capabilities, while still handling large scale data intensive workloads. To meet the demand, UoC partnered with Dell EMC and Intel to design and implement a new paradigm of HPC systems. Through the enhanced performance of Dell HPC hardware solutions and access to the benefits of OpenStack virtualised technologies, university researchers are now able to process and model complex data with significantly improved flexibility and system usability.

With the assistance of superior hardware and core technologies, this new platform will radically democratise access to large scale compute and data resources and ultimately contribute to significant advancements in the treatment discovery process.



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