MediaFiler Selects ITB2’s Data Centers To Collocate IT Infrastructure 



MediaFiler has selected ITB2 Datacenters in the Netherlands to collocate its IT infrastructure. MediaFiler has moved its IT assets to ITB2’s NEN-7510-certified colocation data center in Apeldoorn. NEN 7510 is a standard for safe handling of data within healthcare.

MediaFiler is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for centralised management of organisations’ media files, known as a Media Asset Management (MAM) platform. On the MAM platform customers can store and retrieve files ranging from photos and videos to PDF files and corporate identity documents. MediaFiler delivers its services to organisations including universities, hospitals, municipalities, and energy companies.

MediaFiler’s main IT infrastructure is collocated in ITB2’s highly secured data center in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, including the company’s servers and network equipment. The IT infrastructure has been deployed and managed by MediaFiler’s own engineers. ITB2’s secondary data center in Deventer serves as a backup environment to create maximum redundancy while ensuring business continuity.

Featuring high energy-efficiency, low energy consumption and low emissions, ITB2’s data centers also meet MediaFiler’s CSR and cost-efficiency requirements. Furthermore, Scholt Energy provides the facility with 100 per cent renewable energy (WaarborgWind) which is officially accompanied by an Ecolabel.


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