Stage Two: manicubes One Data Centre


The new data center maincubes One in the centre of the Rhein/Main area, has reached the second stage of construction. After the foundation was laid on 30th August 2016, the construction work for the new high-performance computer center has been strongly pushed ahead to finish the last, third floor before the onset of winter. Maincubes is now on schedule and is expected to start with the interior fitting as of mid-January 2017.

The Tier III data center will be completed in 2017 and guarantees a very high energy efficiency, realised by a new spatial design coupled with innovative technology. Due to the special architecture, no disturbing support pillars, walls or climatically unfavourable areas, an above average density can be achieved on the fully usable area of 4,200 square meters per unit. The result being lower space costs and higher efficiency. The average surface load of 2 kW / m² crosses the limits of today’s data centers by far.

With the latest cooling systems, maincubes one achieves a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.30. Both values are guaranteed to the customer and save budget in both areas, space utilisation and power usage.


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