Pulsant drives rapid ROI for SMB customers with HP Converged Cloud

Pulsant is integrating new enhanced cloud capability, primarily targeted at small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), onto the HP Converged Cloud platform. The approach supports streamlined IT delivery, enabling end customers to tap into a pre-built, pre-defined IT solutions offering rather than having to waste time and effort on lengthy product development or systems implementation phases.

‘Our customers are facing three main challenges today,’ said Chris Reynolds, channel manager at Pulsant. ‘First, they need to be able to respond quickly to market changes and in particular evolving competitive pressures – and they need flexible, scalable systems architecture and applications that drive rapid time to market.

‘Second, many customers are struggling when it comes to maintaining IT as a control point within the business and facing off the growing pressure from external organisations and external sources to supply and build IT services,’ continued Reynolds. ‘With the help of Pulsant’s cloud applications, our platform helps them stave off the competition by providing services in a much more structured manner internally and through partners.

‘Finally, our clients need to focus on building innovative applications rather than spending all their time deploying, delivering and running the underlying infrastructure. And again we can help achieve this for them through our partnership with HP.’

In addressing these challenges, Pulsant’s offering delivers a range of standardised services that a broad spectrum of businesses of all sizes and types are interested in taking on board and consuming.

As the solution is pre-built and pre-defined for them, organisations can implement it swiftly and get up and running with new projects or initiatives much more quickly than would otherwise have been the case, while they can now also make changes to their existing IT infrastructure much more quickly than would have been the case before.

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