R&M develops service package for network monitoring

Trained and certified service partners provide first level support on site, on demand, and round the clock. The R&MinteliPhy Competence Centre at the R&M headquarters in Wetzikon is responsible for providing second level support.

Before the automated infrastructure management system R&MinteliPhy is installed, an inventory of the building or data centre’s cabling system is carried out by the service partner. Results of this survey and other current network documentation if available can then be transferred to the R&MinteliPhy database.

‘As part of the service package, our service partners ensure a precise and fast migration,’ explained R&M product manager Reinhard Burkert.

R&M creates customised libraries and model templates for customers, enabling them to document and manage the entire infrastructure on the R&MinteliPhy server. Layout of networks, distributors, computer rooms, or company networks can be visualised and then combined with building plans or geographical site information. R&MinteliPhy automatically generates up to date connection plans if computers are integrated or patch connections are changed.

The service package includes installation and commissioning, and function and acceptance tests, as well as end user training and hardware maintenance. If required, R&M and the service partners organise the exchange of R&MinteliPhy devices or updating of software. Experts are also on call, providing any necessary support via email and telephone, via a dedicated support website, or via remote access to the customer’s R&MinteliPhy server. Customers are therefore guaranteed round-the-clock support once their network is up and running.

‘We want to ensure correct planning and installation and reliable operation for all R&MinteliPhy installations. We and our service partners do not leave customers alone operating their automated infrastructure management system,’ added Reinhard Burkert.

For further information visit: www.datacenter.rdm.com/en

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