Case Study: Real Hosts saves 25% on rack space after switching to Volta Data Centres

Real Hosts

Real Hosts has been providing many types of hosting related services since its inception in 2002. Today, the company’s main focuses include cloud based hosting; dedicated servers, colocation and connectivity. It provides full management on all services and includes service monitoring as a standard. Real Hosts is technically focused and maintain all aspects of its infrastructure in-house.


Real Hosts provides solutions to a number of health and financial customers retaining sensitive personal information; therefore, strong security and access control are paramount. The company’s previous data centre suffered occasional downtime during planned maintenance due to unidentified single points of failure, which it was not able to mitigate.

These service issues were completely out of Real Host’s control – even over a relatively short period it was not acceptable and, ultimately, the company began to explore other options. After seriously considering three facilities, Volta’s modern build, ability to greatly increase power usage, the choice of networks and knowledgeable and friendly staff reinforced the data centre operator’s credentials. In addition, the previous supplier had a strict power limit per rack which left Real Hosts with poorly utilised space.

Volta’s services offered higher power density racks which allowed Real Hosts to fully utilise the space available and reduce the rack footprint.


The result

Volta’s higher power density racks have saved Real Hosts 25% on rack space while running the same amount of power and equipment. Working with Volta has been very positive – with engineering staff enjoying the ability to conduct onsite tasks in the evening while being greeted by friendly and welcoming staff.

Since moving to Volta, Real Hosts has been able to lower its operating costs by running higher density racks and also increase resilience through the higher specification infrastructure and availability of numerous providers. The central London location has also attracted a number of local business customers who are within walking distance of the facility.

Peter Verrill, owner at Real Hosts, comments, “Since moving to Volta, we have been able to lower our operating costs by running higher density racks and also increase our resilience through the higher specification infrastructure and numerous providers available. This has helped our business immensely and we no longer suffer from occasional downtime, ensuring our customers receive the high quality of service they expect.”