RF Code responds to industry demand as three million data centre assets are tagged

Last year saw the distribution of more than 750,000 asset and environmental sensors to meet the growing demand amongst corporate executives for accurate management information on millions of pounds of investment, and data centre operators’ need for maximum control throughout the lifecycle of IT assets.

This rapid uptake of RF Code solutions further validates the company’s credentials in data centre management and demonstrates RF Code’s capabilities for meeting the complex financial and operational needs of the world’s largest organisations and data centre service providers.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is driving executives to look for the automated accuracy required to meet regulatory and financial demands,’ explained RF Code’s CEO, Ed Healy. ‘We have demonstrated millions of dollars in savings from power and environmental monitoring but this rise in asset management reflects the biggest headache for the CFO and CIO: how to deal with security, overprovisioning, accurate audits, planning for data centre growth and financial accountability for the use of the data centre service.’

RF Code continued its progress in new customer acquisitions with a number of blue-chip organisations, including Vodafone, CenturyLink, multiple global financial institutions, managed services and cloud providers, energy distributors, healthcare, and oil and gas companies.

Healy continued, ‘2014 was a big year for RF Code. Our data centre and Workplace IoT solutions are recognised as an integral part of efficient power, asset, personnel and strategic management. 2015 will see the company take major steps forward in providing executives with the metrics required to turn the data centre from an insatiable cost centre, to a profit making service.’

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