Rittal and iNNOVO Cloud GmbH create ‘turnkey cloud data centre in a container’


The exciting ‘RiMatrix Balanced Cloud Center’ (RiMatrix BCC) concept combines Rittal’s IT racks, containers, climate control technology and power distribution with the complete cloud infrastructure, including OpenStack cloud management software supplied and installed by iNNOVO Cloud. 

Companies would use the components within the RiMatrix BCC to model a huge range of options to meet their needs, from an on-premises private cloud to virtual private data centres, all using verifiably safe servers, storage and network systems. Server and storage systems can be operated in a way which is both standardised and cost effective using services from the cloud, provided as ‘IT as a Service’ (ITaaS).

Until now, planning and constructing a data centre had been considered as being an entirely bespoke process taking several years for companies to complete. But with this new joint initiative, Rittal and iNNOVO Cloud GmbH have created an alternative in the RiMatrix BCC that could offer a far faster solution.

Customers would receive a turnkey cloud data centre in ISO or non-ISO container format in which the components such as racks, climate control and power supply would be provided as predefined modules.

However, the server, network, and storage would be included with the delivery already pre-configured. Furthermore, the cloud management software would be provided courtesy of the open source ‘OpenStack’ framework. The result is a standardised and completely virtualised cloud data centre, equally suitable for standard and highly demanding applications, such as high performance computing (HPC) or Big Data purposes.

Further information visit: www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com

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