Root Data Center releases whitepaper demonstrating the importance of data centre expansions capabilities


A new whitepaper from Root Data Center identifies available power, space and data centre skills as necessary to future-proof requirements of enterprise and hyperscale providers.

Root Data Center has announced the availability of a new whitepaper titled, Power, Real Estate and Capability: Evaluating Your Data Centre’s Expansion Capacity. Global creation of data is increasing at a massive rate and the ability to store and manage this data is crucial for the IT operator.

As enterprises through small businesses move to the cloud, cloud operators must be able to respond to increasing demands for more capacity quickly and reliably. Data centre choice is paramount. In this whitepaper, Root Data Center explores the factors that create success for hyperspaces and enterprises in supporting fast and reliable expansion and scalability.

According to the whitepaper, as demand for data storage space increases at its rampant pace, three of the most important considerations for global enterprises and hyperscale providers seeking effective data centre hosting solutions are available power, available space and deployment capabilities.

As enterprise IT infrastructures grow and mature, they require higher power densities as well as increased cabinet space. Additionally, as data centre real estate is quickly depleting, it has become necessary to work with a provider capable of building out infrastructure within a geographic location that offers available space. Finally, an effective data centre provider should be able to ensure the installation of infrastructure in short time frames.

“It has become essential for companies seeking data centre solutions to ensure their provider is capable of effectively expanding infrastructure, power and space to future-proof requirements,” says AJ Byers, president and CEO of Root Data Center.

“Historically, it was acceptable for a data centre to have deployment timelines of a year and a half, which now needs to be closer to three months for a multi-megawatt project. In fact, most data centre operators are still working at that pace, so the ability to accelerate that timeline to 90 days or less is a key differentiator.”

Root Data Center delivers multi-MW implementations in less than 120 days, and offers a PUE of 1.17, combined with 100% sustainable power and densities of up to 40kW per rack.  Companies benefit from Root’s deployment speeds and low-cost renewable hydro-electric power from Hydro Quebec. Coupling these benefits with scalable high-performance services, customers are able to achieve effective colocation solutions designed to suit businesses of any size.

To read the whitepaper, Power, Real Estate and Capability: Evaluating Your Data Center’s Expansion Capacity, please click here.