Siemon launches new aisle containment solutions


By either containing and isolating the cold air supply (CAC), or by guiding hot exhaust to overhead return air spaces (HAC), the new aisle containment solutions prevent the mixing of hot and cold air in the data centre. This allows for higher temperature return air to improve the efficiency of existing cooling systems and reduce energy costs, whilst preventing overprovisioning of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units. Alternatively, these solutions cost effectively expand the capacity of the data centre to cool higher heat densities, maximising both cabinet and data centre floor space without the need for supplemental cooling.

Designed with robust seals for optimal thermal isolation, the new aisle containment solutions consist of CAC roof panels, HAC standing cabinet panels, single and double manual and self-closing doors and, end panels that have been designed for quick and easy on site attachment to rows of Siemon VersaPod, V800 and V600 data centre cabinets. The containment systems are also compatible with Siemon’s SidePod and Baffle solutions that support side-to-side ventilated active equipment.

A range of accessories are available to complement the system, including filler panels to fill spaces where cabinets are not present, wall mount brackets for installation against a wall for a single cabinet row, vertical panel angled support brackets when attaching to the ceiling is not allowed, and riser brackets to raise the ceiling height within the contained aisle when using shorter (42U) cabinets.

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