Software house teams up with Datapipe to offer a secure, reliable digital platform for UK media

This growing trend to consume news through online platforms has enabled technology companies such as Kaldor, a software house that conceives, designs and builds innovative mobile content platforms and applications, to flourish. Its mobile publishing platform Pugpig has enabled many national newspapers and magazines such as The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Economist to publish their content quickly and easily to a mobile App.

The opportunity and the challenge
Kaldor identified an opportunity to develop Pugpig as a fully hosted solution in the AWS cloud. As content owners increasingly looked at ways to move away from expensive, on-premise publishing solutions this was a valuable offering to be able to provide. The new cloud based product also opened up Pugpig to a range of smaller clients, who didn’t have the resource or the technical knowledge to previously use Pugpig.
Although Kaldor has experience in running AWS environments, they didn’t feel that focusing primarily on managing all aspects of the environment was an efficient business strategy for growth. Additionally, Kaldor was concerned that it would be perceived as a small business hindering its credibility of being able to deliver a reliable and secure platform within the cloud. It was therefore decided it needed a partner that could work seamlessly with the company’s team to help manage its customers’ infrastructures, including AWS environments, and provide expertise in security fully ensuring clients felt comfortable moving their systems and content off their premises.
Datapipe creates results
Kaldor looked into a handful of providers, however, Datapipe emerged as the most experienced working within AWS infrastructures and having the desired security standards to win new clients. With Datapipe as a partner, Kaldor is able to promote its secure hosting management as ISO27001 and SSAE16 certified. Through Datapipe’s tried and tested security processes providing advanced change control and ITIL process bundled with their access to best of breed security technologies such as anti-virus, vulnerability scanning and its Access Control Model for AWS (DACMA), Kaldor is able to offer enterprise grade security in the cloud. This partnership has proved invaluable, as this level of security would be very costly both in money and resource to provide alone.
The partnership has also created the ability for Kaldor to provide customers with an AWS environment which is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. This has led to internal IT resources at Kaldor being able to focus on products and services that will help grow the business rather than getting bogged down in management of the AWS infrastructure.
‘Datapipe’s service desk has made it so easy,’ said Jon Marks, CTO and co-founder of Kaldor. ‘They’re quick to respond to any request we have. We have more than 30 servers with Datapipe, and that will continue to increase as we do. We’ll also be adding more features around performance, scalability, and reliability.’

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