Spectromax Scotland commences recruitment drive and addresses UK skills gap with new training programme

Spectromax Scotland currently has eight projects under consideration, with two major initiatives in advanced stages within its pipeline, for which it expects to resource using local IT talent in Scotland.

The company also plans to implement a new UK-wide training programme which will initially be launched in Edinburgh. The Spectromax Scotland training programme will be run by industry veterans and those working day-to-day in the IT industry, with the support of established System Integrators (SIs). It aims to train existing employees, new graduates and those with a more established career who wish to expand their skills. The training programme will fill gaps in technical knowledge, software development, software project based knowledge and it also aims to stimulate a new type of IT attitude.

Spectromax Scotland believes that with the right IT attitude, where flexibility and collaboration are central, deployments are much smoother. The six month free training programme will then feed into further recruitment by the company.

‘We’re thrilled to be on the cusp of launching a number of projects and believe that the Scottish workforce has huge potential which will be critical to their success,’ said Bhuwan Kaushik, CEO of Spectromax Scotland. 

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