Switch Datacenters deploys 10GbE dark fibre interconnect solution featuring DWDM to connect its Amsterdam data centres

Delivered by euNetworks, the interconnect featuring DWDM technology provides Switch’s customers with multiple virtual fibres for back up and failover purposes and maximisation of data centre redundancy.

The data centre interconnect (DCI) model deployed utilises a resilient network architecture with efficiency enhancing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. By interconnecting its two Amsterdam area data centres, Switch Datacenters is responding to the ultra uptime needs of enterprise customers and cloud providers alike.

‘It’s a very efficient DCI network architecture we’ve deployed, also in terms of costs,’ said Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters.‘In the past, DWDM technology was mainly used by long haul DWDM platforms. With the advent of pluggable DWDM SFP+ transceivers, we are now able to connect up to a maximum of 16 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels over a single pair of fibres. As the distance between our two Amsterdam area data centres is not more than 30km, there is no need for complicated, bulky and expensive separate DWDM chassis systems.’

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