Talend announces support for France’s inaugural Open Source School

With campuses in six different cities, the Open Source School is designed to help ease the current skills shortage in high growth markets such as Big Data, the cloud, and Internet of Things and, more broadly, support the growing interest in Open Source technologies.

The Open Source School initiative is led by Smile, a European leader in open source integration and outsourcing, and EPSI, a private institution of higher education in computer science. In addition to gaining the support of private sector firms like Talend, the Open Source School received €1.4m in initial funding from the French government as part of its Future Investment Program (API) to fuel the country’s Big Data technology economy.

‘With 100 per cent work linked curriculum offered by the Open Source School, we are confident that we will be able to help our graduates secure good employment opportunities,’ said Laurent Espine, national director of the EPSI network. ‘We look forward to our ongoing collaboration with open source innovators like Talend that will help us keep pace with market needs and advancements.’

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