Tegile IntelliFlash HD now available to enterprises worldwide


Targeted at large enterprise companies that are pursuing data centre consolidation, and with the ability to hyper-consolidate mixed workloads into a single storage platform, IntelliFlash HD is well suited for enterprises that are seeking a balance between an infrastructure that delivers high performance and one that stays within inevitable organisational financial constraints.

IntelliFlash HD is anchored by the Tegile IntelliFlash OS, which powers Tegile’s portfolio of all-flash and hybrid arrays. IntelliFlash OS combines several architectural innovations in flash management, data persistence and data management to enable IntelliFlash HD.

IntelliFlash HD is ideal not only for latency sensitive applications but also for workloads such as large data warehouses, analytic applications, Big Data processing, image processing, and large private clouds that require economical performance acceleration. What’s more, IntelliFlash HD storage arrays adapt to different media types in a single system, creating the ideal environment for any workload.

For further information visit: www.tegile.com/products/all-flash-array

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