The future of enterprise storage is here!


NVMe was architected and optimised from the ground up specifically for non-volatile memory based solid state storage and is capable of processing high amounts of data with great reliability. It features a streamlined command set, depth queue design, multi-core support as well as the support of advanced error correction procedures thereby enabling low latencies and a significantly reduced CPU load.

By standardising the driver architecture NVMe allows system integrators to combine storage components with increased flexibility and delivers broad interoperability support between storage devices, host platforms and software. Its strengths demonstrates the new interface specification especially in compute intensive and analytical applications like date warehousing, Big Data analysis or virtualised desktop infrastructures (VDI).

OCZ Storage Solutions – A Toshiba Group Company is one of the first providers of NVMe based PCIe-SSDs. The Z-Drive 6000 enterprise SSD series reads up to 700,000 I/O requests per second and writes up to 160,000 operations per second, twice as much as previous PCIe-SSDs could deliver.

To learn more about NVMe and the Z-Drive 6000 series visit:

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