The Green Grid secures new chair of EMEA leadership team


With over 20 years’ experience in the data centre industry, Simon looks to bring his expertise to drive Green Grid expansion in EMEA and strengthen the region’s voice at the international level.

Speaking about his new role, Simon said, ‘Data centres are at the centre of a very diverse industry that mixes a continual refresh in new technology with physical installations that have a shelf life of 20 years or more. This creates a unique set of challenges for organisations trying to squeeze the most efficiency out of their set-ups. The Green Grid is balanced in the middle of this change and has been exceptional at guiding its members since it was formed in 2007.’

Simon (pictured) has had a long career in the industry, having worked at IBM, American Power Conversion, Cooper Industries, Eaton, and is currently a program manager at Emerson Network Power, developing optimisation services. His previous positions – predominantly in product management and marketing – have brought diverse teams together to design, develop, market and launch resource efficient services at the global level. His important work on resource efficiency will be invaluable as he supports The Green Grid in its development of the next generation of guidance and support for its members.

Simon continued, ‘We are still seeing a lot of complacency when it comes to resource efficiency in the data centre and there is plenty more that we should be doing. The regulatory landscape is only going to get more complex as the use of data increases exponentially with the corresponding pressure on global resources. Ensuring that the industry is on the same wavelength with a clear set of metrics and standards to respond to these challenges is at the heart of The Green Grid and what it is achieving.’

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