TI Sparkle partners with DE-CIX in Palermo and launches Sicily Hub

DE-CIX provides premium IX services to all kinds of networks and operates numerous carrier neutral and data centre neutral Internet exchanges around the world, including its flagship exchange, DE-CIX Frankfurt. The new exchange will be based on DE-CIX’s Apollon platform.

DE-CIX’s new exchange at Sicily Hub was designed to allow carriers that land their IP backbones in Sicily to directly interconnect with each other and to other providers that have a presence in the facility. These other providers include some of the world’s most well known and largest content players.
In addition, Sicily Hub’s open and resilient configuration supports carriers and ISPs that want to enhance the redundancy of their networks, while enjoying a rich ecosystem and marketplace of multi-breed interconnected players.

‘Our partnership with DE-CIX and their new IX node in our Sicily Hub is the most important milestone in the creation of a massive IP gravitational centre in the middle of the Mediterranean,’ said Alessandro Talotta, TI Sparkle CEO. ‘We will be able to better serve ISPs in the area, including Africa and the Middle East, by bringing worldwide content directly to their doorsteps.’

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