UK businesses fail to meet employee demands for flexible working and to achieve potential for increased productivity

While industry commentators see UC&C as a high growth market that’s expected to be worth $17.38bn by 2019 – up from $5.15bn last year, the survey indicates UK businesses are yet to fully invest.

This is despite clear acceptance of the demand for flexible working and the business benefits the deployment of UC&C can offer, for both employees and the C-suite alike:

·         80 per cent believe flexible working should be an option for all
·         48 per cent of employees claim that this would result in increased productivity
·         Just under 50 per cent of workers argue they would be happier at work if they were able to work remotely
·         64 per cent of C-level executives believe productivity would increase through employees working more flexibly
·         80 per cent of C-level executives argue that the offer of flexible working attracts a better quality of candidate

The survey goes on to identify a clear disconnect between the apparent benefits of the deployment of UC&C and the reality of implementation for many organisations.

Bradley Maule-ffinch, director, UC Group, Imago Techmedia, commented, ‘The workplace is changing dramatically and enterprise mobility is becoming a more pervasive reality. The survey shows clear trends that employees are ready for flexible working and that businesses at the very least at C-level realise the need to be more flexible in their offerings to attract the best and brightest digital natives.

‘It is vital businesses stop accepting the status quo, and implement the appropriate technology, to not only solve the immediate business concerns of today but the demands of a new generation of workers and business issues of tomorrow.’

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