University Of Derby Selects Nexthink End User Experience Management To Garner Greater Business Insight


Nexthink has been selected by the University of Derby to improve the visibility of its IT environment. In partnership with Software2, Nexthink end user experience management will enable the university to uncover critical data relationships and provide essential end user context when making strategic business decisions about the university’s next steps.

Although it can trace its roots as a learning institution back to 1851, Derby gained university status in 1992, earning both national and global accolades thanks to its unique combination of local economic focus and worldwide partnerships. The only university in the county of Derbyshire, it now serves over 30,000 students, studying in Derby, Buxton and all over the world.

The University of Derby has invested more than £100m over the past five years in both on campus and technology infrastructure. Students are able to enjoy not only first class facilities which inspire learning and provide a ‘best in class’ experience, but also participate in programmes that are provided entirely online or via a blended learning offering.

The university has approximately 5,000 endpoints including end user workstations and 1,500-2,000 mobile devices, spread across three primary sites and six satellite campus locations. With enrolment increasing each year, there’s a pressing need to efficiently support students and faculty by quickly accessing relevant contextual endpoint and end user data.

Nexthink proactively monitors the entire IT infrastructure and reports on important end user related events, such as performance issues, failures, crashes and security issues. Nexthink’s real time and historical record of the usage and performance of IT services from the end user perspective provides IT organisations with unique visualisations and actionable insight.


“The value of Nexthink lies in its ability to present data in new and meaningful ways, and allows us to understand the end user experience so we can provide a superior IT service to our community,” comments Luke Williams, senior engineer of the University of Derby’s Operations and Response Centre.

“Nexthink reduces the time it takes to collect this information and makes it easier to present highly technical information to non-technical staff.”

Bob Moore, VP Northern Europe at Nexthink, adds: “The University of Derby’s mission is to enhance the learning experience, empower current students and engage the next generation of learners.”

“End user experience management can enable educational institutions to quickly access relevant contextual endpoint and end user data to help manage malware detection, software non-compliance issues and provide leading edge IT services to students and faculty.”

“Students want and need technology that just works,” adds Tony Austwick, CEO and cofounder at Software2. “Nexthink enables the University of Derby to concentrate on all the devices connected to the university infrastructure.”

“By looking beyond back end operations to the actual impact on end users, the university can see exactly how the environment is performing, where any gaps are, and where further improvements are needed. Universities can use Nexthink end user experience management to enhance performance and solve a range of issues that students encounter on and off campus.”