Volta strengthens its networks for financial, healthcare and cloud services


These partnerships have now extended Volta’s network enabling healthcare and financial firms to access a central London data centre that has high security, resiliency and accessibility. Volta’s partnership with Epsilon will now also enable access to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Lypy is a provider of connected solutions for the healthcare sector. Its partnership with Volta Data Centres now means it can offer N3 connectivity out of its central London data centre. N3 is the national wide area networks for the NHS and connects all NHS locations to its 1.3 million employees.

Vorboss, a central London managed service and telecommunications network provider, relies on its data centre partners, including Volta Data Centres, to deliver high quality space that meets its demanding technical and compliance requirements. Through these, Vorboss is able to provide highly secure and reliable managed services, colocation and connectivity to organisations with extremely high reliability and availability expectations.

Epsilon, a cloud link eXchange (CloudLX) provider, offers fast and efficient connectivity to high level performance applications around the globe. By partnering with Volta it can now offer a direct link into the world’s largest cloud ecosystem via a central London data centre.

Jonathan Arnold, Volta Data Centres, said, ‘Over the past few years, organisations and in particular those in the healthcare, financial and cloud services, have become more aware of the importance of knowing where their data is stored and how. It is vital that we partner with businesses who can add extra levels of security and can meet the growing demands of the industry.’

For further information visit: www.voltadatacentres.com

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