WorkPlaceLive extends Pulsant relationship by switching VoIP provision to Maidenhead data centre

Once the move is complete, the Maidenhead facility will also perform a disaster recovery (DR) back up function for WorkPlaceLive’s hosted desktop service, currently supported from the company’s headquarters in Croydon. In exchange, the Croydon HQ will provide a DR capability to support Maidenhead’s VoIP service.

Network connectivity between the two sites will be maintained via a Gigabit link with the potential to bring in dark fibre connectivity, a service already utilised by many of Pulsant’s customers. WorkPlaceLive plans to use a border gateway protocol to support the DR approach, switching traffic from one site to another in the event of a service interruption.

‘The decision to move to Maidenhead was relatively straightforward,’ said Paul Aldridge, head of infrastructure and support, WorkPlaceLive. ‘Our business was growing rapidly and we needed a site that could readily accommodate growth today and, through Pulsant’s commitment to continual technology optimisation, long into the future.

‘Using a colocation data centre like Maidenhead enables us to keep costs under much tighter control and budget more effectively, as everything is tied up in one overarching contract and you don’t have to worry about the costs of individual items like air conditioning; running generator tests or managing equipment upgrades.’

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