EcoCooling joins the Node Pole Alliance

The Node Pole region encompasses three municipalities in the very north of Sweden, just by the Arctic Circle, and has the potential to become a global hub for data traffic. This is mostly due to its reliable power infrastructure, the ample supply of low cost renewable hydroelectric energy and low air temperatures ideal for natural cooling.

The Alliance members are companies from the technology and construction sectors who combine their knowledge and experience to build world class data centres.

‘We are very proud to have been able to join the Node Pole Alliance,’ said Alan Beresford, managing director at EcoCooling. ‘The direct air evaporative cooling systems we have developed are ideal for the climate in the Node Pole region and make the most of the resources available.’

Air temperatures so close to the Arctic Circle are not only cool enough to make refrigeration in data centres redundant – they can even be too cold for the IT equipment. Some systems shut down if the temperature drops below 14˚C. EcoCooling has designed patented control systems and atemperation processes to keep the cooling air within a tightly controlled temperature band – typically 18-21˚C.

By joining the Node Pole Alliance EcoCooling will work alongside some of the most innovative companies like Hydro66, Vattenfall, Facebook, KnC Miner and ABB.

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