Pollen ‘explosion’ threat to HVAC equipment this summer!


The problem is at its peak this time of year as tree and grass pollen culminate in a literal ‘explosion’ during the summer months.

In a bid to tackle the issue head-on, the firm is encouraging organisations to look at installing ECEX Air Intake Screens; a simple technology which has been proven in independent field trials to not only prevent filters from clogging; but also reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance, with very rapid payback.

During a recent install at Westminster City Hall, London, the screens were fitted to two AHUs, with one unit alone clocking up the following impressive results:

    •    Energy saving – 4.9 per cent reduction in power consumed
    •    CO2 emissions – savings of 296.33kg, the two trial AHUs clocked up savings of 438kg (equivalent of taking a car off the road for a year)
    •    ECEX Air Intake Screens payback – 13 months on energy alone
    •    Maintenance reduction – filters need replacing less often, further reducing costs and potentially pushing the ROI of ECEX Air Intake Screen installation to less than four months!

Commenting on the project, Amey’s site M&E manager who helped coordinate the installation in London, explained, ‘Following the installation of the Air Intake Screens [at Westminster City Hall], we will achieve CO2 emission savings from just these two AHUs of over 5,000kg per annum, equivalent to taking one car off the road for a whole year!’

John Grenville, managing director at ECEX, commented, ‘Pollen, leaves, insects and general airborne debris can have a dramatic, negative effect, pushing up energy usage and a building’s carbon footprint.

‘ECEX Air Intake Screens offer facilities managers the opportunity to cut costs, reduce maintenance – and increase the life of internal filters by up to 60 per cent!’

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