Intel to launch new Xeon Phi processor

You can now buy a bootable stand alone box with a single Knights Landing processor, so you can start developing and testing your software, optimising your applications and benchmarking performance.

The Intel Xeon Phi processor is designed to run parallel programs optimally, but it uses the same skills and programming tools as the Intel Xeon products, so you don’t need to start over. The DAP also provides a licence for Intel Parallel Studio XE, which includes Intel C++ compilers, Fortran compilers, Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library, Intel Threading Building Blocks for C++, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives, Intel® Math Kernel Library, OpenMP, Intel Advisor, Intel Inspector, and Intel VTune Amplifier.

You can find more information on the Intel Xeon Phi processor here: and more information on how you can get hold of the new processor ahead of its launch here:

For more tools and tutorials to help you optimise the performance of your data centre applications, visit the Intel Modern Code part of Intel Developer Zone:

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