Intralinks makes further strategic investment in Europe

Intralinks has announced further strategic investment and client momentum in Europe, as the company opens a second European datacentre, located in Frankfurt. This presence in Germany is part of the Intralinks Trust Perimeter, which gives customers what they need to define their organisational perimeter, as their data moves around the world.

The Intralinks Trust Perimeter allows customers to ‘define their own perimeter’, meaning companies decide how information is protected as it leaves the firewall and moves around the world, while still meeting privacy demands. To do this, Intralinks provides its customers with a number of capabilities to choose from.

An advanced platform architecture called Intralinks Distributed Content Nodes, has been deployed in Germany, providing customers with control over where data is located. With this deployment, Intralinks’ customers’ most valuable data does not leave Continental Europe.

As part of the Intralinks Trust Perimeter, customers can choose: Where their encryption keys reside, as well as how sensitive information is consumed, downloaded and edited. Additionally, customers have control over legal options, to ensure compliance with global data privacy regulations.

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