Parker Software enhances customer relations with live chat software integration

Storing customer information can be challenging, however, integration between live chat and customer relationship management (CRM) systems can help businesses to build lasting online customer relationships.

CRM systems can be integrated beneficially with live chat, to paint a better picture of each customer, allowing companies to tailor interactions and drive sales, thus improving sales results.

This may seem like a lot of data to collect and archive, but most intelligent live chat platforms can store this information without much thought at all.

Parker Software’s live chat software, WhosOn, can add live chat transcripts and call-back requests directly to a CRM system, as well as analysing chats for positive or negative sentiment.

Similarly, archiving historical live chat conversations can be incredibly useful, both for follow up marketing and general administration.

The integration between Parker Software’s WhosOn tool and its CRM platform of choice, Microsoft Dynamics, means that live chat operators are supplied with detailed information about a client they are talking to without delay. This provides the information required for an informed conversation, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

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