Flood Buzz Pro Water Leak Alarms 


The Flood Buzz Pro, is an easy-to-use, low-cost, loud and effective small water leak alarm.  The patented Flood Buzz Pro warns of impending water leaks before they wreak havoc by sounding an alarm when it senses a water leak condition.

Flood Buzz Pro water leak alarms are a low-cost solution for data centers, where leaks may cause extensive damage and cause businesses millions of dollars in data loss.

The alarms are a simple design, featuring an internal battery with a three-year life and preset programming that eliminates installation time. At only 2 ¾” tall, Flood Buzz Pros easily fit under raised data center floors.

When water touches the two prongs on the bottom of the product, a 110 dB alarm will sound alerting you to even the slightest of water or moisture conditions.



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