Is DCIM Reaching A Crisis Point?


The DCIM Deliberations working group has launched an online survey to unearth what is happening in the DCIM industry. The DCIM Deliberations working group was set up to address the growing unease in the DCIM arena.

The team consists of the following:

– Steve Beber, CEO, Trackit Solutions (VP Emerson Network Power/Aperture)
– Venessa Moffat, independent consultant (Uptime Institute, CenturyLink, Interxion, Virtus, SunGard, MPL Technology Group)
– Alfonso Arias, head of global DC operations, IBM (Uptime Institute, Interxion)
– Daniel Tautges, CEO at Pinpoint Worldwide (President at Nlyte, Rackwise, IBM)
– Monika Grass, independent consultant with a specialist and global interest in DCIM
– Ken Peters, consultant at SineQN (5nines, Skansen, and a vast experience of independent consulting)

dcim-working-group-601x400The key objectives for this piece of work are:

1) To provide clarity around the state of the DCIM market and possible future directions
2) To offer a benchmarking framework where companies can intelligently go to tender for the right DCIM solutions for them
3) To educate around the process of implementing DCIM so that companies see ROI in expected timeframes

The working group wants people to get involved in this survey to find out what is actually happening, so that both end users, and vendors alike can figure out where to go next. The group believes the DCIM industry is reaching a crisis point, and needs to adapt or evolve.

Please get involved and complete the survey by visiting:


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