CenturyLink joins Climate Change Agreement to drive UK data centre efficiency

A 15 per cent decrease in PUE by 2020 over a 2011 baseline has been agreed as a sector target. Individual site targets will be expressed as a 30 per cent reduction in non-IT energy over the same period. The targets are not punitive and are designed to allow growth while encouraging good energy stewardship. The scheme is expected to provide CenturyLink with significant rebates that will be repurposed into ongoing energy saving projects.

Mark Taylor, director of EMEA data centre operations, said, ‘The data centre industry in the UK has played its part in lobbying the government, and Tech UK in particular deserve credit for getting the industry into this pivotal position.

‘The potential savings are tremendous, but we must stay grounded and focused on achieving the reduction in PUE. The hard work begins now to drive a significant reduction in PUE by 2020. This is a worthy target and beneficial to our customers, with wider environmental benefits for all.’

Mark Yearwood, director of EMEA financial planning and analysis, said, ‘Getting to this stage has required tremendous effort by all but there is a lot more to do. Mark and his team have CenturyLink’s ongoing commitment to reinvest the rebates on energy saving projects and we’re excited to see just what can be achieved. What’s more, learning in the UK can be examined and taken elsewhere to benefit our 57 data centres worldwide.

‘The CCA has far reaching impacts in terms of sector recognition and we’re very pleased to be a part of it.’

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